State Of Video Marketing

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State Of Video Marketing

Insights and trends that are propelling connections and sales using video.

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Strategies That Drive Engagement and Sales

We are a results driven marketing agency, specializing in helping our clients engage in deeper and more profitable relationships with new and existing clients.

Collaborative Strategy Development

We’re experienced strategists and we like to think we know what works. We’ve made it our goal to work collaboratively with our clients to identify strategies that surpass all expectations.

Video Production and Marketing

Video is the #1 shortcut to success with lead generate and videos have a higher click through rate than regular text links. It’s one thing to shoot and edit a video but what about syndicating it? Where is the video going to go? The simple answer – is should go everywhere!

Web Design & Optimization

We’re passionate about building amazing websites. The ManifesGo team is highly skilled at building and optimizing web solutions for B2B and B2C clients. Our team of experts are disciplined and committed to delivering exceptional service to your business needs.

Digital Marketing & Content Building

Having video in your marketing mix is crucial however, we recognize that sometimes it’s necessary to pull other complimentary tools from the toolbox. We’re skilled craftsman and can support your business with many other digital services.

On-Camera Coaching and Training

ManifesGo has produced 100’s of videos. We’ve helped many heroes and heroines look and sound like professionals on camera. We love to teach, train and coach camera confidence!

We Play To Win

We’re committed to delivering a unique partnership that works to increase your sales, which is the ultimate goal of nearly every business. Who doesn’t want to grow their Company?



Creative people in a creative environment where new ideas, motivation, and collaboration thrive. When you hire ManifesGo, you get a group of talented, unique individuals whose passion for what they do is willingly shared and shows in the results achieved.


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