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video marketing strategyWhat if you could put the perfect advertisement in everyone’s hands?

In the age of streaming and smartphones, no marketing is quite as effective as video marketing. Video lets you bring your company to life and share it with prospective customers all around the world.

To get the most out of video, you need a good video marketing strategy. Keep reading to discover our top 5 tips!

1. Tight Scripts

Some of the best commercials you have ever seen probably look natural and unscripted. But take it from us: it takes a lot of planning and preparation to look smooth and natural.

Make sure you create a precise script for each video. And remember: video scripts are about more than simple dialogue. The script should take note of what is happening onscreen at key points (such as a demonstration of your website’s login screen) so everyone knows what the audience will see.

Never forget that video ads tend to be pretty short. Everything should culminate in a call to action for your demographic.

2. Build Around Campaign Goals

It’s tempting to create videos whenever inspiration strikes. But for maximum success, you should craft each video as part of a larger campaign goal.

For example, do you want videos that enhance sales or simply build your brand? Do you want a clip that may “go viral” or something to enhance the content of your company website?

And videos should also revolve around your key demographic. Ultimately, each video should be part of a larger road map.

3. Mixture of Videos

Any marketing campaign should include a mixture of different video types. One reason for this is that it allows you to craft different videos for different stages of the campaign. In this way, video can function like an extension of the sales funnel for your customers.

Another reason is that this helps you appeal to as many customers as possible. Some customers may love a humorous video while others may love a straightforward “how to” video. By offering both, you get more customer appeal.

4. Sensible Budget

You may not think you can fit video marketing into your existing budget. However, you can (and should) keep the budget under control by using existing equipment.

As an example, you don’t need a fancy camera to get started. You can actually shoot and edit videos entirely with your iPhone.

The key to good-looking video is proper lighting. But you can creatively use light sources around the office and even use existing employees as video actors.

Just like that, your video campaign became much more affordable.

5. Focus On Youtube

Traditional marketing wisdom is to go where your customers are. When it comes to video, that means advertising on Youtube.

By creating Youtube pre-roll ads, you get the natural advantage of Youtube as a platform. More importantly, Youtube can help your ads reach very specific demographics.

While you’ll need to budget in the cost of the integrated Google Ads, these pre-roll videos offer an amazing ROI for your company.

Video Marketing Strategy: Time to Press “Play”

Now you know the secrets to a good video marketing strategy. But do you know who can help bring it to life?

We specialize in all aspects of video production and marketing. To see how we can help your business grow, contact us today!