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Clarifying and Extending a Brand to Boost Connection with Homeowners

Elite Roofing & Remodel has been roofing in the Northwest for over 16 years. They specialize in quality roofing systems, roof maintenance, repair and siding services. Elite offers Northwest homeowners the quality services, materials and workmanship to make your home care and maintenance stress free. Elite is a family-owned company built on trust and integrity, and they strive to separate themselves from the average contracting into being “that” company that helps their customers for a lifetime.


Elite came to ManifesGo looking for help to stand-out and above other roofing contractors in the Northwest. They were looking for ways to ensure their website was appealing to the search engines and consumers. Over the years, they’ve looked to ManifesGo to refresh the site and think-thru and build out additional service offerings on-line and off-line.


Design a website that showcased the integrity and trustworthiness of Elite. Using clear navigation, the Elite color pallet, videos and modern design with prominently positioned “call to action” buttons Elite was there to help make decisions easier for the homeowner. Additional work focused on a helping them build a strategy that encouraged an understanding that Elite could offer homeowners more than just roofing replacement. Our solution was to maintain the known and recognizable Elite brand elements yet create vibrant, clear presentation for the complementary service offerings for a consistent yet differentiated visual impact.

Style Differences Between Divisions

We created multiple revisions to brand the different divisions for Elite Roofing and Siding

Division Differences On The Elite Website