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InSitu Ecosystems

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  • Insitu Eco Systems
    Terrarium & Vivarium Manufacturer
  • March - June 2023
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Company Profile

InSitu specializes in crafting vivariums and terrariums tailored for hobbyists in the plant, reptile, and insect domains. Their creations are ideal for housing orchids, poison frogs, geckos, tarantulas, and various other species.


Insitu Eco Systems encountered challenges in determining the most suitable strategy for advertising their products online.


Based on our analysis, we found that Insitu’s website lacked clarity in its landing and category pages and did not effectively communicate the differences between product models. To overcome this issue, we recommended adopting a more straightforward approach with easy-to-understand content that can help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, we suggested improving the navigation on their website to meet industry standards.

Moreover, Insitu was missing out on potential customers searching for competitive terms due to a lack of paid performance ads. To address this, we suggested implementing targeted ad campaigns to promote their products to potential customers effectively. This can result in a lower cost per click and increased visibility for the brand.


Consulting services identified the gaps in the client’s marketing strategy and provided a clear roadmap to address those areas systematically and efficiently. This approach allowed the client to avoid wasting time and resources on ineffective tactics and instead focus on achieving his goals.

ManifesGo helped us determine the right strategy and marketing mix to help us reach our target audience online. They helped us from wasting budgets on inconsistent tactics and achieve great results by outlining specific steps.

Bill Rodman - CEO of InSitu Ecosystems
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