The PRISM Video Model by Howard Hale is centered around one primary hub: ROI. This return is not limited to financial growth, but to the growth of your culture, the loyalty of your consumers, and the legacy of your business.

As a seasoned video marketing professional, I’ve dedicated some pretty intense resources to developing and using professional videos to tell the story of a given organization. Whether it's a non-profit trying to raise funds, a business that wants to solidify the relationship with their current and potential clients, or a manufacturer that needs to present their products in the best possible light, video has become the content currency to discover, educate, promote and entice consumers to take a desirable action.

Please explore the model I’ve created below to see the depth that video content can create for your marketing efforts.  Our typical engagement is 90 days, and sets the framework for an approach that takes your marketing seriously, creates effective engagement, and produces real results.

The success and benefits of video are not limited to the above model. We believe that the true depth of this model comes into play with a fully developed ManifesGo Video Accelerator RoadMap.

The following illustration helps explain the results that can be achieved with a well-thought-out and well-executed Video Accelerator RoadMap. The breadth of this marketing tactic can’t be overlooked when creating a video, as there are so many underlying opportunities from re-purposing the digital assets and significantly increasing exposure to driving sales and 10x’ing your sales funnel.

The ManifesGo Video Accelerator RoadMap lays out a 90-day plan based on the PRISM matrix.  With this matrix, we can truly leverage the power of video and define how many videos are needed, where the footage can be re-purposed, and how to get maximum traction with these methodologies.

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