Unclogging Hidden Strategies Becomes Big Business and Creates a Multi-faceted Brand

We started with 200 calls per month and now we are at over 3000 calls per month using ManifesGo! Fischer first engaged with ManifesGo when they needed help ensuring that their website was appealing to the search engines. Several acquisitions, websites and years later we have helped build new websites and ensure that all Fischer services appeal to search engines and consumers alike.


ManifesGo has helped update and create new and engaging websites for all the Fischer services: Fischer Plumbing, Fischer Heating, Fischer Restoration. We’ve worked with the team to ensure each of these services stand on their own yet are recognized under the Fischer family umbrella by using common visual brand elements. We utilize the best strategies possible to capture and maximize high rankings in the search engines for all the services. We work with the internal service and sales team on lead generation strategies and customer satisfaction capture. We utilized their longevity and expertise to position Fischer as a trusted resource and partner to homeowners in the Pacific Northwest.

THE RESULTS: Year After Year, We Make the Phone Ring

Fischer seamlessly transitioned from print advertising to digital marketing without any loss of call volume. In fact, call levels increased – and have done so every year for the past decade since the strategies were first implemented.  ManifesGo’s innovative, effective marketing tactics grew all business units, including Fischer Restoration, Fischer Heating, Fischer Sewer, and Fischer Plumbing.