Video Styles, Possibilities and Uses

Video can be an extension of your brand, your culture or how your client perceives your company. There is no better way to present your who, what, where or why than with a video presentation. Below are examples of videos we’ve produced and how they were used to help our clients engage on a deeper level, generate leads and provide information to their customers or clients.

Event Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reels can be used for endless mediums. They’re often short in viewing time yet provide a large amount of information for the viewer. They are perfect for advertising, marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can easily share on social, embed in emails, blogs and use in Digital Campaigns. Sizzle Reels are a great place to start if you want to provide your customers or clients with a great first impression

Live Broadcast Video

Broadcasting live is a fantastic way to spread awareness and drive higher-than-expected attendance by reaching a broader audience. The content you collect is evergreen and can be repurposed.

Educational or Instructional Videos

Educational or Instructional videos can be used to teach your audience something new or build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your business and product solutions. These types of videos can also be used by your sales and service teams as they work with customers.

Product Information Videos

Product videos are a very effective sales tool as they provide customers with an immediate view of an item and often answer upfront questions they might have.

Service Information Videos

This type of video is used to help your audience better understand why they need your service. Often these explainer videos speak to a problem your clients have and how your company and service helps solves it.

Video for Email or Social

Video is useful for more than entertainment. Video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by 80%. Mention of the word “video” in your email subject line will increase open rates by 19%. 90% of customers say seeing a video helps them make buying decisions about a product, service or event.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Your prospects want to know that your product or service can (and will) solve their specific problem. One of the best ways prove this is by creating videos that feature your satisfied, loyal customers. These individuals are your best advocates and getting them on camera is a great way to capture them describing their challenge and how your company helped solve it for them.

Brand or Company Video

These types of videos are typically created as a part of a larger advertising campaign, showcasing the company’s high-level vision, mission, or products and services. The goal of a company or brand video is to build awareness around your company and to intrigue and attract your target audience