Sleek Minimalism Meets Modern Marketing for Unexpected Sales Growth with In-Store Advertising

Company Profile

Taking its name from an elite Special Forces military group from the Vietnam era – the Studies and Observation Group – SOG was founded in 1986 by designer and toolmaker Spencer Frazer. SOG produces the favorite models of specialty knives and tools used by the military, law enforcement, industrial tradesmen and outdoor enthusiasts around the globe. SOG’s diverse range of award-winning knives and tools are sold worldwide.


SOG was getting ready to introduce a new line of multi-tools that provided the functionality of what retailers and consumers expected from SOG however these products were designed to fit the lifestyle and aesthetics of a new, modern users.


Create a series of videos that showcased the subtle design and form factor that makes it easy to carry and use anyone of the multi-tools in the Baton series without bringing unwanted attention to yourself or the tool in the office, street, or local coffee shop.

The videos were initially created as a visual tool for SOG’s sales team to use while introducing the Baton series to their retailer buyers. However, a smart brick and mortar partner saw an opportunity to use these videos for in-store advertising to increase consumer’s understanding of these new and unique tools. We worked with the SOG team to quickly responded to this enthusiasm by designing and co-developing a custom-branded small in-store monitor to play the videos. The Retailer that placed a substantial multi-store order, built end-cap displays and used the custom monitor and video(s) as an engaging medium and motion in their store to capture their shopper’s attention. This Retailer knew that customers that are in their store location(s) are high-quality “leads” and effective in-store advertising such as these end-cap displays with video can increase each customer’s likelihood of a purchase and increase the total purchase amount of their cart.