The Long Game | Dream with Your Eyes Open

July 22, 2023
July 22, 2023 admin

The Long Game | Episode 3 – Dream with Your Eyes Open with Daniel Mangena

Have you called the career path you were meant to do?  Do you take the easy paths or are you willing to experience some pain to create outcomes that are more empowering?

In this episode, Daniel Mangena discusses the importance of showing up with intention. He also talks about the idea of think about what you’re thinking and to consciously disrupt what you’re thinking to bring more purpose and joy into your daily routine and life.

Daniel is a transformational life coach public speaker, author and is the creator of the “Beyond Intention” paradigm and ambassador for The Mangena Foundation. He is passionate about calling people to take deliberate action in pursuit of a joyful life of purpose. Daniel carries the message to “Dream With Your Eyes Open” around the globe as a regular contributor on and also as the host of the “Do it with Dan” podcast series (available on most major podcast platforms).

Daniel’s Mission Statement and further information on how to connect with him across social media can be found at and using the social media handle @DreamerCEO

The Long Game is shot using Switcher Studio


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